Different types of Allen wrench sets and which ones to buy

With or without experience if you have an Allen wrench set with all of its additional tools it becomes a breeze repairing things at home, assembling furniture items, or for fixing things up by yourself instead of bringing in the professional who is sure to charge a bomb for services rendered. Why should you spend so much unnecessarily when things can be easily done with the help of proper tools? Sure enough, Allen Wrench Set is worth its weight in gold if you are going to save up on all the money you would have to spend for calling the expert every time you need to repair something at home.

Allen Wrench SetWhat type of Allen wrench set should one buy?

There is no one Allen wrench set that can handle all types of repair jobs, you might need several tools each one with specific uses to help you perform any of the jobs at home, be it big or small.

So, it makes sense to collect different types of Allen wrench sets that are needed on a regular basis at home for general purpose of repair jobs.

What are the different types of Allen wrench sets?

Allen wrench socket set is surely a wonderful tool to have with you either for simple or the extremely complicated repair jobs you would have to handle at home, indoors, outdoors or car. This set includes a group of various kinds of bolt heads like the nut head sockets, the star headed and the flat headed screws. This socket wrench is a tightening tool and a good set is one that includes a proper combination of everything.

Allen wrench key set is specially made keeping those in mind who frequently lose their tools or misplace them and spend half of their precious time searching for them. This is a pocket tool with ten to fifteen folding hex keys which when folded will be about the size of a pocket knife.

L-style Allen wrench sets as the name suggests are L-shaped and made of steel hence pretty strong. This set has nearly eight to fourteen Allen keys; short L for tighter spaces and long L for remote locations that cannot be reached easily.

Some of the other Allen wrench sets

The other Allen wrench sets are the Ball hex wrench set that has a ball shaped horizontal head which works great to screw nuts and bolts at tighter angles and these sets come in various sizes with different handles.

The T handle Allen key set has a handle that is shaped like a T to make it really easy for turning. This set generally includes ten different sizes and it is better to buy a good Allen wrench set since the other models that cost less are vulnerable to breaking.

Allen hex key wrench has a hexagonal head which is better than a square head since it causes lesser damage to the screw head. This also can be used in tight spaces due to it having a smaller head than the standard bolts.

Since Allen wrench sets are durable and made to last long it is wiser to spend a bit more and buy them instead of buying cheaper versions that are susceptible to breaking sooner.